Anti Slip Coatings

Anti Slip Coatings for flooring are available from Surt Resin Finishes. We are able to treat the floor of your building with special resins and seals to produce a non-slip surface. We are also able to construct new floors from scratch and build anti-slip properties into the flooring from the very start.

Anti-slip flooring is suitable for areas in which there is a greater risk of slipping and sliding. These areas include interiors of schools, hospitals, offices and other buildings open to the public. These coatings are also available for external areas such as car parks where there may be a risk of slipping. Surt Resin Finishes also work with industrial companies to provide anti-slip floors for extreme conditions, such as factory floors when the surface is constantly wet. Installing an anti slip floor is a great choice for all of these situations and is a real health and safety must to protect you and your employees.

Anti Slip Coatings can be applied in all environments including outdoors where skidding and slipping problems are a danger due to icy or wet conditions. If you would like to discuss this further please do not hesitate in calling Surt on 01386 555 355. You can also email us at and we will look forward to speaking to you about your enquiry.

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